Looking for


2018. Neon, frame, mirrored surfaces, 70×70 cm.

In collaboration with Cornici Trevisanello for the exhibition
Contemporary Art “Insigni“.

A container, an outline, a hem.
Different functions are attributed to the frame, the one that interests me is that of portal. It is not a simple border, but a border between the real and something else. A memory, an answer, a person. We look in the frame looking for something that we will never reach and perhaps we can only find within ourselves. This is how the frame becomes a mirror of our desires and our questions.

In this perspective, the act of looking corresponds to that of seeking.
Who is it that we look in the frame?
What are we looking for in the frame?
What do we find inside the frame?

From frame to frame, from life to life, from desire to desire, we continue to fall between fragments of mirrors that remind us of our existence in the hic et nunc.