I am an observer. I love to look, understand and capture my surroundings, the details, colors and surfaces. I steal as much as I can with my eyes and then use it in my work.

I was born on May 8, 1993 in the province of Udine, Italy, and I’m originally from a very small but lovely village on the border between Italy and Slovenia. Today I live in Udine.

I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where in 2016 I got the first level diploma in New technologies for art, graphics and visual communication with 110 cum laude.

I started working as a freelancer in 2015, collaborating with the studio eflux. In 2016 I worked as a graphic designer at a company that deals with communication projects and since 2018 I am creative director in a holding that develops applications based on augmented and virtual reality.

In addition to my work I also cultivate my interests, such as publishing and illustration, creating commissioned works.

In my free time I like to take nature walks and indulge in good food.

Selected exhibitions

Bianca/Volta, un’idea di libro
FallaniVenezia – Center for the Arts, Venezia, 2015
Curated by Mario Pasquotto in collaboration with “FallaniVenezia – Center for the Arts”.
Project in collaboration with eflux studio (Udine).

Gioielli in vetro
Scuola Abate Zanetti, Murano, 2014
Curated by Roberto Zanon.

Paesaggio tipografico 2
Venezia, 2015
Curated by Roberto Zanon.

amalgama@Unexposed, High Density
Magazzino del Sale 3, Venezia, 2018

Libreria QUI, Schio, 2019
Facebook event